Next to professional topics, my mentor and I have also discussed personal topics. Therefore, both of us could profit and we have developed a friendship.” – Katrin Hartmann, class of 2016 / 17


Mentoring is a proven concept in the development of personnel and young professionals. The foundation for this strategy is the direct and exclusive relationship between mentor and mentee. The mentor supports the mentee in developing her personality and her skills. Regular conversations enable the transfer of experience and knowledge from mentor to mentee.

Mentoring programs do not only make a valuable contribution to the support of women. For companies, the participation in mentoring-programs is an effective method for recruitment of high-potential female professionals.

During the mentorING year, the mentor and the mentee meet every four to six weeks. The relationship is supported by the regular events within the program. The program offers an opening, a feedback and a closing event as well as a workshop for mentors.